An Interview With Benn Grim Of The Hip Hop Crew Cardboard City

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The Benn Grim Interview

TIS: I love the YouTube video of you freestyling with Converge. Was that arranged or impromptu?

BG: Spur existing apart from everything else, except it was a large portion of a free-form, and a large portion of an old section I never put on a track. It was years prior and I was without a doubt high crazy. You can guess by the long hair and “quit squealing’ shirt I was wearing. I love those folks and nobody will actually do that with them once more!

TIS: So we were in a unite as one for some time, and we were both truly into our medications and what not…now we’re both not into drugs any longer, and as yet doing the music thing. I’d like for you to speak somewhat about the distinction of composing/performing calm versus composing/performing anything other than calm.

BG: Don’t misunderstand me, if not for hard medications, my folks record assortment wouldn’t be half however large as it seems to be. Despite the fact that for my situation, you can say, “yo, I smoked the best buy vape cart online and composed this moron melody”, however for me, having a level and clear head encourages me be more innovative than any medication might make me.

TIS: Can you educate me concerning probably the craziest experience from back in your utilizing days? Not to laud it, but instead to show individuals how far you’ve come.

BG: I used to cop dope generally on Madison or Jefferson, directly off park road in the south finish of Hartford, I used to consistently go to a similar person for in any event 2 years, his name was cupcake, or cake for short. He had the best crap. I got in very great with this fellow and I used to get him at his home and carry him to the square and so forth. He ALWAYS had a firearm on him, he had a companion on the square over to him, they alluded to him as “hindered holmes”. One day somebody got shot, and the cops were everywhere. Nobody was noting calls and they were too terrified to even think about emerging from there houses. I went directly to cupcakes other house and he got frantic that I just appeared, however oddly enough he let me in. They found me and down and said, “yo Ben, need to help us out, we’ll hit u off in the event that you do.” So I obliged, they surrendered me a multiplied pause and shop sack and advised me to walk straightforwardly over to impeded holmes house and give him the pack, don’t see anybody, don’t converse with anybody. I began the entryway and one of them said, “yo Ben, put this on under your hoodie” it was a projectile verification vest. Alright folks, what’s taken care of I pondered internally, yet I knew precisely what it was. I shuddered my approach to impeded holmes house and he was holding up at the entryway, I stroll in, remove the vest, and give him the sack, endless packs of heroin. They gave me half of one for moving a bundle that might have landed me 20 yrs in prison. Hahahah, however I was an addict and I was able to effectively get high.

TIS: What are you chipping away at right now?

BG: I just wrapped up an assemblage CD I’m calling Benn Grim’s Blah Sides, it’s an assortment of generally more established tracks I’ve never utilized for anything, Mixed and dominated by my melodic holistic mentor F.Sean Martin. Ought to be squeezed a little while. Im additionally dealing with my hotly anticipated “Novocaine Mixtape”, that is hurrying along consistently and will have a great deal of uncommon visitors. I’m chipping away at an EP with my Friend ADAM BOMB out of New Orleans, presumably going to be 6 tunes or somewhere in the vicinity, and I’m likewise dealing with an EP with maker Sammy Marion out of Philly, that will likewise be 5 or 6 tunes. The Mizery Crew, (Timmy Wiggins, Metalheart, and myself) is right now in the studio chipping away at our rookie discharge as a gathering, and Timmy Wiggins and Metalheart are dealing with their planned performance poo, which is going to truly shake things up!!!

TIS: What impacts the expressive substance in most in your melodies?

BG: Life, love, lament? Hahahaah, no, I’m the person that takes past encounters and makes them genuine. I talk about pooping on disgraceful rappers generally. I’ve been told I can recount a very decent story as well. You give me the beat, and you’re generally going to get something other than what’s expected.

TIS: Who might you want to team up with on future undertakings, and would you say you will get it going?

BG: I’d love to do a track with Aesop Rock, he’s my pal, so that is not a far stretch, but rather concerning fellows I don’t have the foggiest idea? I need to do a track where Brandon Flowers from the executioners to sing the snare, or get on a beat that The XX made. That would be epic!

TIS: Who’s slaughtering it in the underground at this moment (hip bounce, bad-to-the-bone, whoever)?

BG: HMMMM with respect to underground felines? Fuck! I’m going with my man! The unparalleled, YAK BALLZ! Nothing cooler than a lot of children reciting your name before you come out in front of an audience. His fans love him, (thus do I) and it shows. To the extent new and best in class bad-to-the-bone? Scorn Your Guts, brutal hand, dark breath, backtrack, and awful seed, all blockhead HC groups doing their thing now.

TIS: Who’s particularly not slaughtering it in the underground at this moment (we should begin a meat)?

BG: Hahahaha, he’s not even underground any longer, however I’d say WALE. He’s a homophobe with a crappy name, chill WHALE!!! Hahaha.

TIS: What’s new with Carboard City?

BG: Every body is dealing with their individual poop, however all I gotta say is look out for that new Glassjaw collection. I’ve just heard a couple of unreleased tracks and I’m overwhelmed.

TIS: I’m somewhat unware of present circumstances yet was contemplating whether the Vast Aire/Cage/El-P hamburger was crushed at this point?

BG: Hmmm, I didn’t know there was a meat? Hahaha.

TIS: How did Shia LaBeouf connect with Carboard City?

BG: Shia met a few years back, the rest is history.

TIS: Any news on the film about Cage that Shia needs to do?

BG: They are searching for a chief is the last news I heard. I can hardly wait for that crap.

TIS: Last Shia question, was it epic for you all to see him hurl the Cardboard City sign toward the finish of facilitating Saturday Night a few years prior?

BG: It gave me chills, and still does. It causes me to feel great to be a piece of something so magnificent. Everyone go see the new Wall Street film, my man slaughters it with Michael Douglas! Hahahaha.

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