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Knowing your house well is really useful, though it may appear complicated at first: the power centers, water supply, electric service, the gas system. You never know when a problem occurs and knowing your way around could help you.

Before investigating your home’s electrical system you should be careful how you do it. Don’t touch the panel if standing water is in the room and don’t use both hands at once in your investigation. By touching the panel with both hands you become an open circuit, meaning that current gone astray will pass through you.

The control central for the electric current powering everything in your home, switches, light sockets, receptacles is called an electric service panel. In an old house the electrical controls will be found in a metal box containing fuses and this is the electric service panel. Fuses look like tubes or glass-topped plugs. More recently built houses have toggle switches in that metal box, which are called circuit breakers. These are devices meant to stop the electrical panel manufacturer in Delhi flow in a circuit if safe operation is affected by too much current. Though both fuses and toggle switches are actually circuit breakers there is a difference between the two: the toggle-switch type move to “off” automatically when in an overload while with fuses the metal strip inside them melts due to the overload, hence breaking the circuit. This metal strip will have to be replaced after such an event with a same size and type one. The large insulated wires coming into your house are connected to the panel and they come from the electric meter outside, which in turn is connected to the company’s power grid.

To find the main control which allows you to turn the electric current for the house on and off, look at the top of the service panel if you have toggle switch circuit breakers. That is where you will usually find it, above all the other switches, though it is not a strict rule. It may be that the main switch is behind a small access door that you will have to open to reach it. If you have fuses, what you will look for is the main fuse, also at the top of the box. The main control usually has a number on it indicating the type of service you are receiving, measured in amps: 100, 150 or 200. Sometimes the main toggle is not to be found in the electric service panel but in a different metal box, maybe even in a different location. Calling an electrician might be the solution to find it in such cases.

Creating a circuit map will help you when, due to a current overload, the lights in the house will turn off. This means labeling each switch or fuse with the rooms, switches, receptacles or appliances that it controls.


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