How To Find A Job In The Hidden Job Market


What’s the deal with the hidden job market? Why is everyone always talking about it? What is it?

The hidden job market is comprised of jobs that are filled before they are advertised. It is estimated that about 75% of all jobs are in the hidden job market.

Why? Because employers hate to hire. The hiring process is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

They have to advertise the opening, sort through hundreds of resumes and spend weeks, sometimes even months interviewing and trying to select the perfect applicant.

Employers only hire when they have a need to be fulfilled, and even in that situation they will avoid actively seeking applicants as long as they possibly can.

So how does this help you? How can you find jobs that are in the hidden job market? Most importantly, how can you get interviews for Jobbörse in the hidden job market?

One way is to network – which we briefly discussed in Part One of this course.

While that is one very effective way to find jobs both advertised and unadvertised, it’s not necessarily the fastest way to find a job.

The quickest and most powerful method for accessing jobs in the hidden job market is cold-calling.

Employers love a candidate who is bold and assertive enough to go this route. Cold calling may seem scary at first, but it really isn’t as bad as you think. Many people are afraid of cold-calling for two reasons:

They feel like they are intruding; they think the employer doesn’t want to be bothered. We’ve already learned this isn’t true. Employers like to be “bothered” by someone who can solve their problems or fulfill a need in their company – that way they don’t have to actively seek out prospective employees.

What’s the best way to find out if they have a need?

Call them up and find out!

The second reason people generally don’t like cold calling is because they are afraid of rejection. This is a logical fear, nobody likes to be rejected.

The bad news is, there is no 100% rejection proof method for you to use.

The good news is, in my ebook Resume Writing Secrets Exposed, you will discover a little known psychologically persuasive phrase that, when used properly, almost never fails.


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