How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

If your wedding is coming close and you want to make your wedding invitations here is a good place to start.

How to make your own wedding invitations step-by-step.

  1. You will need your list. Make a list of your family and friends. You can usually get a list from your mothers. They will probably make sure the important people in the family will be on it. If you choose to address your envelopes you can put this in a data base format. You can also use an electronic address book. Get as detailed as you can. Know how far out in the family you will go. This will give you an idea of how many invitations you will need.
  2. Get your wording set up. You may want to learn some of the proper wedding invitation etiquette. This will help you word the invitation to avoid as many hurt feelings as you can.
  3. Learn the basics of a good word processing program. I use Microsoft Works. I have used some very expensive programs but with some knowledge you can make this do a lot of stuff.
  4. Get your supplies together. This means you will need to know what type of invitation you want. You can get 2 sizes of cards and envelopes to make an invitation and an RSVP cards with the envelope. You can use standard card stock for your reception card. You have many choices here. You may opt to do a seal and send invitation. This means you won’t need envelopes and one sheet of card stock will make your invitation and RSVP postcard.
  5. Choose a nice font. Test several with your wording. When you think you like one print it out and make sure you can read it easily. You will want to use the same font for all your invitations. You might use two fonts by using a standard font for everything but your names. Your names can be in a flowing script. Make sure it matches your theme or mood. Using mystic font is not good for a formal wedding. Mystic is a sloppy hand written font. Not a good choice for that.
  6. Perhaps some wedding clip art, or something to decorate your invite. This can make it more your own style. But have an idea what you want to do. Add a ribbon, charm, die cut out, or something else. You have total control of this. Experiment and decide what is best.
  7. Print out one set of invitation, RSVP card, RSVP envelope, and reception card. Proof it and let someone else proof it. This is critical. You should wait a day and look at it again before deciding to print them. This allows time to have a clear mind.
  8. Print each group. Print your 100 invitations, 100 RSVP cards, etc. This will be the fastest way to have them done.
  9. If you are addressing the envelopes to match you need your addresses in a data base or address book format. This can make a big impression on your guests. They love to see their names in a nice font. It makes them feel special.
  10. Make sure you have proper postage and a postage per ounce on the RSVP envelope. Keep everything neat.


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